It's a Kate Spade kinda Christmas


If you haven't figured it out yet, Kate Spade is my fave! Her designs, colors, patterns...all of it makes me have heart eyes! 

This year I decided to design our holiday decor around her designs and I love the results! It's bright, it's cheerful, and I might leave it up in our living room forever! 

I knew I wanted to use bright colors and contrast them with bold stripes. From there I added in a couple more black and white based patterns with more colorful accents and some funky textured that pom pom cone tree!

I used regular colored ornaments mixed in with striped bows and confetti ornaments that I made by punching matching colored tissue confetti, filling empty clear ornaments, and finishing them off with a black and white twine loop! 

The giant yellow ampersand is a permanent fixture in my living room and for other holidays I often struggle trying to find a way to tie it in (the thing is a pain to move...and huge to store) but not this time! Throw some giant ornaments around it and a few extra smaller ones and it fit right in with the theme! Paired with the monogram A's all over the tree for our last name and the marquee light up ones on our stockings and it was a match made in Kate Spade Heaven.

Last but not least I must mention the boxes and wrapping paper. Does anyone else match their wrapping to their tree decor? Well if you don't you should! It's like the tiniest detail that  makes everything come together! I found THE CUTEST boxes and paper at Target and some extra colorful boxes at Home Goods that are finished off with a gold bow (because gold and bows..duh). They are probably my favorite part of the whole design and I'm pretty sure the gifts inside them will need to be given with a "must return my box" note! Is that against the gift giving rules? #sorrynotsorry!  Check out more detail shots below! 

xoxo M

Megan Chytraus