Mama + Mia: A Baby Shower!

Mama + Mia Palette.jpg

When your friend is expecting and the little one is half Italian and getting the adorable name Mia, throwing an Italian themed shower is an obvious must! This Mama + Mia bash was by far one of my very favorite events that I have done! Here are the details!

Decor: Keeping true to the Italian theme we used red and green throughout! Adding in the red checkered table linens you would see at the traditional Italian eateries and some Italian city sketched backdrops helped provide a playful vibe. All of the signage used the same design concepts and had the titles written in Italian (with cute icons added to ensure we knew what we were talking about!)

Food: This was by far my favorite part of the entire thing! For the food I chose to serve mini personal pizzas from a local pizzeria! I had every guest submit their pizza choice with their RSVP and then came the fun part!  I went to a restaurant supply store and purchased mini pizza boxes for each guest. I then printed off labels that had each person's name on it as well as the pizza they chose (this was to help the restaurant know which pizza to put in each box). I delivered the boxes the day before the event and then they made them fresh and delivered them to us right before showtime! Once they arrived we placed each one at a seat and remember how they have the guest's name on the label? Well box place cards! Pretty freaking cute right?! Along with the pizza we served caesar salad in mini masons, had an italian soda bar, and enjoyed Canolis for dessert!

This shower was pretty spectacular, not gonna lie! The guests loved the food, the guest of honor loved the ties to Italy, and I fell in love with Italian cream sodas!

Ciao bella! 

xoxo M

Megan Chytraus