Shaken Not Stirred: A Bond Party!


Long live the legend that is James Bond. From martinis to gold bars. To the guy in the fast car you want to save you and the girls that make heads turn...this is a theme that will never go out of style! To celebrate my brother's big 3-0 we decided a Casino Royale bash was the only appropriate celebration.

First we had to keep it classified...we were being bond spies remember?! We sent out classified invites that included the request for your best bond attire.  Here are the rest of the details:

Food: We served dinner, not so much for the theme but for the booze control! We had a pasta bar with martini olive cake pops for dessert. Shaken not stirred was the theme of the bar and man those bartenders arms had to of been tired by the end of the night! 

Activities: We decided we wanted it to be a casino atmosphere where guests could play some casino games or hangout and visit so we hired a local casino company to set up some tables!  This made the party and having a vendor provide this service was the best decision we made. It provided a fun and engaging atmosphere for guests and took the pressure off of us to entertain everyone. Everyone was given some "Chyt Money" upon arrival (birthday boy's head smack in the middle of a washington bill) and at the end we had some prizes that were awarded to the ones with the most money and of course some empty liquor bottles for those that lost it all! 

Decor: We played up the bond theme throughout by using dice, diamonds, gold bars, metal briefcases, and the olive cake pops. Remember, we asked everyone to dress up so   once the room was filled, it felt like a completely cohesive theme with very little actual decorating. Favorite elements? Definitely the Shaken not Stirred sign for the bar and the gold bar favor boxes! 

Just call me Bond...M.Bond


Megan Chytraus