It's a Kate Spade kinda Christmas


If you haven't figured it out yet, Kate Spade is my fave! Her designs, colors, patterns...all of it makes me have heart eyes! 

This year I decided to design our holiday decor around her designs and I love the results! It's bright, it's cheerful, and I might leave it up in our living room forever! 

I knew I wanted to use bright colors and contrast them with bold stripes. From there I added in a couple more black and white based patterns with more colorful accents and some funky textured that pom pom cone tree!

I used regular colored ornaments mixed in with striped bows and confetti ornaments that I made by punching matching colored tissue confetti, filling empty clear ornaments, and finishing them off with a black and white twine loop! 

The giant yellow ampersand is a permanent fixture in my living room and for other holidays I often struggle trying to find a way to tie it in (the thing is a pain to move...and huge to store) but not this time! Throw some giant ornaments around it and a few extra smaller ones and it fit right in with the theme! Paired with the monogram A's all over the tree for our last name and the marquee light up ones on our stockings and it was a match made in Kate Spade Heaven.

Last but not least I must mention the boxes and wrapping paper. Does anyone else match their wrapping to their tree decor? Well if you don't you should! It's like the tiniest detail that  makes everything come together! I found THE CUTEST boxes and paper at Target and some extra colorful boxes at Home Goods that are finished off with a gold bow (because gold and bows..duh). They are probably my favorite part of the whole design and I'm pretty sure the gifts inside them will need to be given with a "must return my box" note! Is that against the gift giving rules? #sorrynotsorry!  Check out more detail shots below! 

xoxo M

Celebrate: December Confetti Toss Moments


I don't know about you but I love a reason to celebrate (obviously!). One of my favorite things are all the silly national days that float around! They may seem insignificant, but they are much bigger than they seem! They give us a reason to pause, think about something fun, and generally give us a good excuse to indulge in whatever is being celebrated that day. Because really, what kind of person would you be if you didn't honor National Donut day by eating a donut?! 

Here are 8 reasons to pause and celebrate during the month of between all of the holiday shopping, wrapping, and partying of course! 

December 1st: Bartender Appreciation Day!

Because it takes mad skills to shake that shaker without getting covered in cosmos! Show them some extra appreciation at happy hour today and buy them a drink! 

December 4th: National Cookie Day!

Chocolate Chip...Oatmeal Raisin...Sugar Cookies oh my! You don't need to be a baker to enjoy this one! Stop by your store, grab one or two and don't forget the milk!

December 8th: National Brownie Day!

Are you an edge or middle person? Who cares...have some of both! Want to add a little holiday cheer? Add a dash of peppermint in the mix, cozy up to the fire, and enjoy!

December 9th: Gingerbread Decorating Day!

Get your gingerbread skills ready! Today is the day for you to create your masterpiece! I don't know about you but mine always look like they weathered a 9.0 magnitude earthquake when I'm done but hey, you can't not try right?!

December 15th: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Pull out the vintage and add some bows! This is the day to make ugly shine! 

December 20th: National Sangria Day!

Wine + Fruit...need I say more?! Pour yourself a glass and enjoy this fruity concoction that will surely make you smile!

December 26th: National Thank You Note Day!

Coincidence that this falls one day after the biggest gift giving day of the year?! I think not! Don't let the day pass without writing notes for all of those presents you received! Want to make it extra special? Add some confetti in the envelope! 

December 31st: National Make Up Your Mind Day!

It's the last day of the year and you are reflecting on whats happened and thinking about all of those resolutions! Make at least one decision today that will make the new year a good one!

xoxo M

Mama + Mia: A Baby Shower!

Mama + Mia Palette.jpg

When your friend is expecting and the little one is half Italian and getting the adorable name Mia, throwing an Italian themed shower is an obvious must! This Mama + Mia bash was by far one of my very favorite events that I have done! Here are the details!

Decor: Keeping true to the Italian theme we used red and green throughout! Adding in the red checkered table linens you would see at the traditional Italian eateries and some Italian city sketched backdrops helped provide a playful vibe. All of the signage used the same design concepts and had the titles written in Italian (with cute icons added to ensure we knew what we were talking about!)

Food: This was by far my favorite part of the entire thing! For the food I chose to serve mini personal pizzas from a local pizzeria! I had every guest submit their pizza choice with their RSVP and then came the fun part!  I went to a restaurant supply store and purchased mini pizza boxes for each guest. I then printed off labels that had each person's name on it as well as the pizza they chose (this was to help the restaurant know which pizza to put in each box). I delivered the boxes the day before the event and then they made them fresh and delivered them to us right before showtime! Once they arrived we placed each one at a seat and remember how they have the guest's name on the label? Well box place cards! Pretty freaking cute right?! Along with the pizza we served caesar salad in mini masons, had an italian soda bar, and enjoyed Canolis for dessert!

This shower was pretty spectacular, not gonna lie! The guests loved the food, the guest of honor loved the ties to Italy, and I fell in love with Italian cream sodas!

Ciao bella! 

xoxo M

Shaken Not Stirred: A Bond Party!


Long live the legend that is James Bond. From martinis to gold bars. To the guy in the fast car you want to save you and the girls that make heads turn...this is a theme that will never go out of style! To celebrate my brother's big 3-0 we decided a Casino Royale bash was the only appropriate celebration.

First we had to keep it classified...we were being bond spies remember?! We sent out classified invites that included the request for your best bond attire.  Here are the rest of the details:

Food: We served dinner, not so much for the theme but for the booze control! We had a pasta bar with martini olive cake pops for dessert. Shaken not stirred was the theme of the bar and man those bartenders arms had to of been tired by the end of the night! 

Activities: We decided we wanted it to be a casino atmosphere where guests could play some casino games or hangout and visit so we hired a local casino company to set up some tables!  This made the party and having a vendor provide this service was the best decision we made. It provided a fun and engaging atmosphere for guests and took the pressure off of us to entertain everyone. Everyone was given some "Chyt Money" upon arrival (birthday boy's head smack in the middle of a washington bill) and at the end we had some prizes that were awarded to the ones with the most money and of course some empty liquor bottles for those that lost it all! 

Decor: We played up the bond theme throughout by using dice, diamonds, gold bars, metal briefcases, and the olive cake pops. Remember, we asked everyone to dress up so   once the room was filled, it felt like a completely cohesive theme with very little actual decorating. Favorite elements? Definitely the Shaken not Stirred sign for the bar and the gold bar favor boxes! 

Just call me Bond...M.Bond