Oh hello darlings, let me introduce myself! I am Megan, owner and designer behind Confettiology and the author of The Confetti Diaries! I am just a thirty-something girl living life, chasing her passions, and throwing parties at every chance I get! I believe in grand celebrations, tiny details, and massive amounts of confetti! Here are some facts about me:

1. I believe macaroons are one of the prettiest things I ever did see! Not to downplay the deliciousness (I mean have you had one from La Bonne Vie?!)..but they literally are one of my favorite things to stage with! They bring that classy yet playful vibe to the table and you can get them in a bazillion colors! Designer Heaven! It's so much more than a cookie...

2. Kate Spade is my hero! Seriously though..have you checked out her design portfolio lately? Wow.

3. I love the rain. Pair it with a lazy day off and a chai tea latte and I'm in heaven.

4. Peonies rank up there with the macaroons. The fact that they aren't available year round is something my heart will never get over.

5. I was meant to be born in the Dinner Party era. I mean what happened to fine china, shiny flatware, and being able to chat about chargers without someone thinking you're talking about the thing you plug into your phone. Linens, place cards, centerpieces...oh how they make my heart flutter.